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Full Service 

"Your account executive at Walls Financial is tatamount to having your own in-house finance team - just more cost effective." 

Sometimes keeping your focus on that which earns your living means farming out all your financial needs is the right course of action. 


For businesses and individuals, we do it all with an account executive and a team working with that person who gets your bills paid, taxes filed, insurance updated - anything to do with your finances is done on our end with reports sent monthly, weekly, or in whatever package works for you and your needs. 

Tax Preparation

“Tax preparation when done properly will save you money and take away the anxiety."

Tax season is around the corner and coming up every quarter. We prepare taxes for all kinds of companies and individuals. And, quarterly taxes. State. Et al. 

Financial Workshops

“Yes, we did a workshop on “Saving Money in New York City” for a community of theater folks. Who knew there were so many ways to save so much money?”

More and more we find that organizations are setting up workshops for their members around financial issues. Let us work with you to tailor it to the needs of your constituency. We will plan and execute workshops. Whether it’s Planning a Budget, or “Insurance for the Self Employed, or Contract Creation for the Entrepreneur, we will assemble the right team for the topic and make it easy to better educate your group. 


“Your question is never too small or irrelevant, and your bottom line can change with a little input from your financial team."

We consult on all things around your finances. Tax planning. Budgeting. Loans. Insurance. Mortgages. Legal. Estates and Trusts. We have a stable of specialists that are brought in when necessary to provide you a cost effective plan. We bill on an hourly basis or project basis. 

Payroll Services

“Whether your payroll is one or one hundred, our payroll services is cost-effective and comprehensive."

We have added a service for our clients to make payroll easier, efficient and affordable (typically more cost-effective than ADP or Paychex). If you have anyone on the payroll, this is for you. Now, you'll be able to run payroll in a more simple and convenient way through our online portal. Your employees will be able to access their own pay stubs and payroll history through their own dedicated login.

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