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Citi Bike vs Yellow Cab

We are so about the numbers at Walls Financial and now that spring has sprung us from winter, it's time to think about transportation for the next several months. We thought it would be fun to take a look at the cost basis for using a Citi Bike versus other modes of city transportation.

So here it is.

Citi Bike Costs and Memberships - Daily, Monthly or Yearly

Single Ride

$4 = 30 minutes + $4 per additional 15 minutes

$12 = $1 Hour Ride

Day Passes $12 = 24 hours. Each 30 minute ride is included but if you use the bike for more than 30 minutes at a time, it is $4 each additional 15 minutes

$24 = 72 hours + $4 each additional 15 minutes after the first 30 minutes per ride


$163 = one time

$14.95/month= $179.40 year

45 minute ride included, additional $2.50 per 15 minutes

Should you just take a cab?

The estimate cost of a cab ride from Herald Square to Columbus Circle (without heavy traffic ) is $13.76.

How about you just enjoy the wind in your hair with a Citi Bike. The same ride will take you 9 minutes and only cost you $4. But don't lose the bike because it will cost you $1200 plus Tax.

Other elements to consider...

Exercise benefits. Citi Bike. Priceless.

You should carry a helmet with you if you are going to ride a bike.

Happy commuting!

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